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DPA d:vote 4099P Piano Microphone System - 1to1 Music

DPA d:vote 4099P Piano Microphone System

  • £949.95

DPA's d:vote 4099P Stereo Piano Mic System gives you a quick and convenient way to get beautiful, phase-coherent stereo piano every time, onstage or in the studio. You get two of DPA's superb 4099 gooseneck condenser mics, windscreens, and shockmounts - all in a compact, easy-to-use package. The 4099's supercardioid pickup pattern and agile gooseneck makes short work of optimizing mic placement. And magnet-mounting makes setup and teardown a breeze. Miking a grand piano can be a real headache, especially if you record different pianos all the time. If you record acoustic piano, get great piano sound - and save money on aspirin - with the DPA 4099P.

  • Coherent phase characteristics gives you transparent, realistic piano sound
  • Includes 2 sensitivity-selected 4099 supercardioid gooseneck mics
  • Integrated system with included windscreens and shockmounts
  • Frequency response optimized for piano
  • Excellent gain-before-feedback

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